Monday, 21 December 2009

the slave auction excites the girls

He strode thoughtfully through the market area, oblivious to the shouts and bustle around him. He stopped every so often to examine a belt here, an item of clothing there, a slave whip & so on. Not particularly interested, just wasting a little time, chatting with some of the foreign traders for snippets of news & rumours. He was headed for the slave market. The slave market was generally held once every month, one of the ships that docked last night, had a cargo of girls from the south, dark eyed beauties, usually with long straight dark hair, very submissive. He might buy a girl, but probably wouldn’t, he was just there for the spectacle. Besides he might note which girls were sold to which taverns, sample them there for the price of a drink
He stepped round the back of the auction house, rapped on the heavy wooden door, & waited. He knew a couple of the slavers here, had served with them, been commanded by one & commanded the other. The men shook hands heartily & invited him in. He walked past the now empty storage & display cages, the slaves were all washed kneeling, facing the stone wall, 30 girls in all. He spotted the southern girls, straight hair past their buttocks, very pleasing.
The slavers were drinking coffee passing a hookah between them, they passed the nozzle to him. He took a lungful, the smoke was almost moist with resin, he coughed happily as he exhaled. One of the slavers noting his interest in the dark haired girls indicated the hookah.
“Also just off the boat from the east & just as juicy” The plateful of hash by the hookah was very sticky.
“An interesting dilemma, to get fucked or do some fucking”
“No dilemma lets do both” He said filling up the bowl again.
Both men laughed.
“Its damn hot in here though today”
“Not as hot as it is in there”
The slaver pointed to the smithies next to the auction waiting area. Separated only by a bars, the girls could be taken up one set of steps to be sold then taken down another set of steps to be branded, very convenient.
The smithy looked up from his brazier, sweating heavily & chewing on a massive sausage.
“Hey I enjoy my work, the smell of sizzling slave flesh, makes me peckish, hopefully I’ll finish early & have a barbeque later”
As if for effect he lifted a white hot iron from the brazier & plunged it into a block of wood, it fizzed & sizzled loudly.
One of the slaves whimpered inadvertently. The slaver stepped behind her & cupped her right buttock in his hand.
“Such a sweet little bottom, so ripe for the brand”
“Yes Master” the girl sobbed terrified.
“Of course in some cities slaves have their breasts branded, or even their cheeks” As he spoke he pressed a coin flat & deep onto her taught buttock.
“But I think here will suffice for you girl”
“Yes Master, thank you Master”
He gave her rump a resounding slap & pushed her back against the wall.
Another of the men stood up & went to a low gutter running along the wall, & began to urinate loudly. Conditions in the auction house were quite basic, after all most of the month only slaves were kept here. Some of the girls squirmed & writhed as they listened to him whistling & pissing. Some of them had not been toileted for over a week, they display better on the auction block that way.
The door opened & the auctioneer entered, all swagger & showmanship. With one smooth motion he uncoiled his bullwhip & cracked it in the air behind the line of slavegirls, they all jumped in unison, he roared with laughter. Helios gave him a quizzical look, surely the pathetic sight of fearful girls cringing from the whip wasnt that amusing. Then realizing how stoned they both were, burst into laughter himself. He must buy some of this hash before its all gone. The men shared another hookah bowl while the girls were herded upstairs & into the auction cage.
While the slavers got ready for the auction Helios went round to the front of the auction house. He found himself a tavern table with a good view & ordered a slave to fetch him cold beer, She knelt prettily before him, he took the beer from her & dismissed her curtly. The area in front of the block was quite full today. Lots of spectators but few personal buyers, he reckoned. Most of the buyers were from the taverns, refreshing stock. They would watch which girls drew most attention on the block & bid for those most likely to draw custom to the taverns. As well as the ten dark haired girls, there were five blonde earth girls, plus a smattering of peasant & city girls.
A sudden hush from the crowd & the first girl was pulled from the cage. Her dark hair was down to her thighs, her waist impossibly tiny. The auctioneer lifted her to the tip of her toes, a fist in her hair. Then off her toes in the air, she winced fetchingly. The bullwhip cracked behind her, she yelped. She was knelt down before the crowd breasts outward & up to the men, one of them fondled her nipples appreciatively. He pulled her over, head to the floor, buttocks in the air, he displayed her perfectly. He probed her orifices with the whip handle, careful not to break the girls hymen, she was white silk. She whimpered fearfully, in pain from her swollen urethra. He pushed the whip handle between her lips, she kissed it lovingly, an appreciative sigh & look of pleasure from the auctioneer, raised a coarse laugh. Then the grand finale she was put on all fours, gagged with a wad of her hair, the auctioneer went behind her whip in hand. He caressed her buttocks with the long bullwhip tail, she shivered & squirmed as he stroked her with the blade. He let her tremble for a few moments, her eyes wide with fear. Then crack a single sharp snap of the whip between her buttocks, a tiny flash of pain, nothing more than psychology really. She cried out fearfully through her hair. The girl was hooded & bidding began. A few nods & raised fingers, a couple of shouted figures, the auctioneer jeering at the low bids, cajoling the bidders.
Sold she was taken down the other stairs to be branded, the whole process had taken less than five minutes. Another girl was brought up a peasant girl, almost insolent with her wanton submission, especially considering she was like the other girls about 19 & white silk. She fetched a good price sold to a paga tavern. The average price of a girl no more than a days wages, a little lower or higher sometimes.
The earth girls were most interesting, they looked so shocked so uncomprehending. Numb with fear, but posing, absolutely inadvertently, so suggestively, revealing in their secret nature such little sluts. Difficult to believe that they were permitted to be free on earth, that they dared to consider themselves as equals to men. The first had blonde hair down to her bottom, quite fetching. Very popular earth blondes, although lots of gorean girls were blonde also, the golden rather than white blonde hair was rarer, a Saxon look, made European & American girls popular.
As the sixth girl was being displayed a piercing shriek was heard from the smithies below. The girl on the block nearly wet herself with fright, it was fortunate for her that she didn’t, & from inside the curtained cage, there were muffled, half choked back, whimpers of fear. The auctioneer cracked his whip above the low cage, there was suddenly silence, the crowd roared with laughter. Another loud scream, more laughter. Auction days were good public entertainment.
Helios ordered another beer, as the serving girl fetched it, the auctioneer reached out & grabbed the tankard from her.
“From those watching the show & not buying” He laughed
“The least I can do” Helios shouted agreeably.
The slavegirl hurriedly fetched Master Helios another beer.
“Quickly slut” the auctioneer shouted at her “Unless you fancy a visit to the branding rack yourself”
As if to emphasise this another scream came from the smithies below.
The girl busied herself breathlessly, half in tears, she nearly stumbled. The auctioneer expertly snapped the whip on the crack of her naked buttocks, she squealed in shock rather than pain.
“Or a session with the bullwhip, girl”
The bullwhip caught her expertly between the legs, she whimpered fetchingly, tears in her eyes.
More laughter, she rushed on with fetching beer, her discomfort adding to the thirst of the crowd. Every time the whip cracked out she would gasp fearfully, her eyes like those of a startled animal, terrified she might drop, or spill some beer, in or in some other way displease the men. She was a new girl herself, having only been sold on the block a fortnight earlier.
A slap on her naked buttocks
“More beer slut, 4 tankards”
“Yes Master”
The crying brunette rushed to obey.
The auction had finished, the men outside the tavern were beginning to finish of their drinks & drift away. The brunette was hurriedly fetching empty tankards, cleaning tables down. The bullwhip cracked between her legs, taking her completely by surprise, she had been bent over a table scrubbing. He summoned her with his fingers, the whip cracked once more in the air to hurry her. She knelt between his legs, he was very hard, he enjoyed selling women immensely.
He came strongly in her eager mouth and all over her pretty face, permitted her to swallow then sent her back to her chores.
She was quite wet now, & very flustered, a fact that hadn’t gone unnoticed by other patrons of the tavern. The poor girl would spend the afternoon on her knees now. It was common for tavern girls to perform fellatio then be dismissed during the day. Pleasing to see her squirming needfully, your pleasure evident on her, embarrassed & frustrated, helplessly wet fetching beer.
Helios left the tavern slightly drunk & very stoned. The brunette was kneeling down before a group of four sailors, as he left. He decided to bathe & take a sauna to clear his head.

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