Monday, 21 December 2009


She had been given her clothes, & taken to Master Thanos, the bells on her nipples were clearly evident under the sheer fabric, as was the bell between her legs. She knelt before him, the cushion wasn’t there today.
“This morning you may kiss my feet girl” It wasn’t a request.
She knelt forward onto all fours & kissed His boots, she trembled, causing her bells & especially her clitoris bell to ring out.
“Your bells are pretty Karen are you pleased”
“Yes Master, this girl thanks you for her bells Master”
“This girl thanks you for belling her Master” He corrected her.
“Yes Master, This girl thanks you for belling her Master.”
Technically, and also strictly speaking legally, she couldn’t thank Him for her bells because they hadn’t been given to her, intrinsically a slave has no possessions, so he had merely adorned His possession with bells. Of course she was a free woman so the argument was academic for now, needless to say if she wanted to remove the bells she would have to ask, most likely beg, his permission.
“Remain on all fours Karen” he told her, she obeyed.
“My guests will expect you to kiss their feet” He told her “I expect you to obey them as you would me”
“Yes Master, Karen understands”
“Good girl, remain kneeling”
He produced a steel collar & slave bracelets.
“I think its time you were collared Karen”
“Yes Master” she gulped uneasily.
He had her strip, still on her hands & knees before him then, leaned over her & closed the steel circle around her neck. It was snug, a perfect fit, her wrists were braceleted & to her secret delight, her ankles were braceleted and chained too. He pressed her lips to his feet again, her thighs were soaked. She kissed His feet.
“Karen thanks you for….” She hesitated “Collaring her Master”
“Think nothing of it girl” He said pocketing the key “It is not the first time I have collared a woman”
He had her serve coffee while she was still nude, then he had her wait kneeling at his side in silence whilst he drank.
She wanted, needed to ask him a thousand questions, but she wasn’t given permission to speak.

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